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There is a member of families everywhere who goes unnoticed. While birthdays are snapped, proud parents stand with graduating children, siblings are recorded holding trophy cups, their unique contribution to the household goes continues to go unrecorded.
Have they done something wrong?
Far from it.
Maybe their visage is too horrific to be shared?
Well, sometimes there can be some dribble and there’s always the odd frothing at the mouth and their hair often looks like they’ve been dragged backwards through a bush. But this is just part of their charm.
Are they perhaps not liked by other family members?
Far from it. The happiest homes are those that seem revolve around them.

They are simply man’s and for that matter, woman’s best friend, the family dog.

Often overlooked when it comes to taking family portraits, a professional photograph of your dog will capture their charm and unique traits for eternity. Few people think to have a ‘proper’ photograph taken of their dog, but once they see the results they can’t believe they’ve never had it done before.
And if a dog’s not just for Christmas, then the gift of their photograph, is one that will be appreciated for years.  It will capture, in a moment, everything that makes them what they are, and why you love them, and on days, despair.

Photographing your pet pooch doesn’t have to be a formal affair in a studio. It can be at your home where both of you feel comfortable and relaxed. It can be outdoors, so as to capture for eternity, their joy for life. It can be with you and other members of your family, or it can be posed and formal. Gnasher on his best behaviour, for the split second that it happens.
What is key, is that you discuss with your photographer what it is you’d like to get from the shoot. When you’re going through the details with them, please, please, please, be honest about your dog’s temperament. If they’re always bouncing off the walls, that fine. The photographer can make sure not only that they’re prepared for this, but they’ll recommend the approach that will suit your ‘livelier’ dog. While if your dog’s a little more relaxed, then they’ll know how to bring them, and their photograph, to life. Don’t worry, they will have seen it all before - it’s part and parcel of being an animal photographer.

So, why not make it a truly memorable Christmas and give someone you love, the gift of a photograph of someone they love?  After all, as the photographer Roger Caras said, “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”


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Border Terrier Photograph

A border terrier recently posed in the photography studio, the olive green backdrop contrasts well against the wiry tan coat of this true working dog. The side on profile of the strong short muzzle is captured as she gazes out of the window.