dogs. cats. horses. snakes. fish. budgerigars. livestock even.

I have one criteria when taking a commission for a portrait. If the model can pronounce my name, then I’m afraid I’m not interested. So, if you were hoping to have a lovely photograph of your Grandparents hanging on the wall, then I know this must be immensely frustrating. But life, as they say, is often cruel.

However, if the member of your family you want to capture for all eternity has a fin, feathers, a wagging tail or four legs (any jokes about Norfolk and inbreeding are excused at this point), then rejoice. You are in luck. You have happened upon THE Pet and Animal Photographer.

Now, I am hardly one to blow his own trumpet, oh, alright, I am. But when it comes to capturing your pet’s personality in a way that will inspire you and everyone you show, then I am in a league of my own.

But how do I do it?




my approach.

I like to begin proceedings in a civilised manner.

This means sitting down with a cup of tea and some chocolate digestives; well, you’ve got live dangerously, and you, the client. During this most pleasant time, we will discuss all your ideas. It can also be the perfect time for me to meet the subject of our conversation. To which end I have a fine collection of plastic bones, furry mice and other paraphernalia with which to keep them entertained. Crucially, during this process, not only am I getting a good understanding of what you’re looking for, I’m also getting to know your pet and their temperament. So when I do start taking photographs, I know their likes and their dislikes and the whole process can be enjoyable - for everyone involved.







I have two loves in my life.

Animals and photography.

Naturally I will ensure that the photographs we take of you pet are perfection personified, but where other photographers shy away, I’m only too happy to help. For instance grooming. I want your pet to look as good as they possibly can. So if this means organizing grooming, I’m happy to arrange this. Taking stunning photographs of your pet is only part of the creative process, how you show these images is just as important. Beautifully framed for the mantelpiece, a slide show, large canvases, whatever you can think of, I will source and manage to your budget and your timescales. Now, if only the rest of civilization was like that…






blog and news

My thoughts, views, news and ideas on everything from animals, to taking the best wildlife photographs. And for those budding amateur photographers out there, I’m sure you’ll find some of the hints and tips that I post invaluable. If however you do have a burning photographic question, a quandary that needs resolving, please drop me a line. I’ll either respond directly, or if I think everyone would benefit from it, I’ll post the question and answer here.









Pictures, as they say, speak louder than words. Which is why it should, hopefully, be instantly apparent from some of my images here, that not only do I manage to capture my subject’s personality – but that it’s a lot of fun. For pet and owner alike.
So if you like the look of what’s here – why not get in touch and see what I can do for you.







A fair day’s price for a fair day’s work.

This is a mantra my Grandfather lived and died by, and it’s one that I am happy to continue with.

The initial tea and chat is complimentary and as mentioned in MY APPROACH serves to give me a through understanding of your requirements. After this I will submit my estimate. On this everything will be clearly labeled and priced to ensure there are no sudden nasty surprises. Then, once you’re happy with my estimate (and why shouldn’t you be?) we’ll proceed.

It really is that easy.





It is, as they say, ‘Good to talk’. And with a quick call you can sound me out and I can get a good understanding of what you’re looking for.

So if you have a project, or even just an inkling of a project that you would like to discuss, then please feel free to get in touch. I’ll be happy to hear from you – honest. And it could be the start of something truly wonderful.